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Old City Tour

Tour Details

This tour is arranged for getting familiar with the history of Istanbul. We will start from the Fatih district moving to the most famous square of Istanbul which is Sultanahmet Square. Over there we will be learning not only about the above-ground landmarks but also about underground ones. The location that we will visit first, is suitable for turquoise blue color lovers, Sultan Ahmet mosque, which is classified among the ten most beautiful and famous mosques in the world. After that, we will take a walk heading to the sultans’ palace the Topkapi Palace. While visiting the palace we will check some of the Islamic sacred symbols such as the turban and sword of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, and we will have an idea about the lives and livelihoods of sultans. We would have a cup of tea in the palace café while enjoying the amazing view of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. Once we finish our tour in the palace, we will be heading to Hagia Sophia, take some souvenir pictures, and enjoy the Roman architecture integrated with the Arabic Islamic calligraphy. After completing a tour in Sultanahmet Square, we will go to have lunch in one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul, such as the Al-Madina Restaurant or Nusrat Restaurant, and then our trip ends in the Grand Pazari the largest market in Turkey. We will have enough time to shop for local products.