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15 Places Make Your Visit to Turkey Unforgettable


1- Aya Sofia

Known also as Hagia Sophia and considered to be one of the most beautiful building in the world. You will be fascinated by the magnificent of this building not only its breathtaking exterior, but also from the inside. Its heritage goes back to the era of the great Byzantine Empire.

2- Ephesus

The Ancient Roman city with all its temples and theaters are still standing and receiving their audience till this day. Each year it draws more tourists due to the new archaeological discoveries in that region. You will definitely be amazed to see the city ruins intact after all these years.

3- Cappadocia

Pinnacle rocks and hotels, hot air balloons filling the sky and hill crests are favorite scenes to every photographer planning to get the best shot. Not to forget the underground city leading to magnificent kingdom of elves, as the myths relate.

4- Topkapi Palace

The palace from which one of the biggest empires in history was ruled. Its location, halls, corridors and gardens make this place beyond imagination. You will get to know more about the life of the Sultans and their families and their tools, weapons and jewels as well.

5- Pamukkale

Or the cotton castle in English. It is famous to tourists seeking medical treatments or those who are looking for rare natural phenomena. Originally, it is a Roman city and there are still some ruins and museums to visit after you bathing in its thermal pure natural water.

6- Sumela Monastery

Or Virgin Mary monastery. This place of worship was carved in the mountain by monks and priests who wanted to be secluded and far away from worldly matters to enhance their spirituality. located in the province of Trabzon and it is a must visit place while in Turkey.

7- Mount Nemrut

Visiting this place will make you feel like it is a city of giants due to the existence of many huge heads related to Roman and Persian gods and some heads for kings at that time as well. Those heads are guarded by some status of legendary creatures to keep off the thieves and treasure hunters.

8- Ani

A flourished city in the medieval era as the Silk Road used to pass from here and once it was the capital of a kingdom know as Bagratid Armenian. It is now abandoned on the plains of Kars, a province in Turkey, with its red-brick buildings and the famous Church of St. Gregory.

9- Aspendos

Known to have the most well-preserved theatre of the old age, this theatre is still hosting opera and festivals till these days. Of course, there are other important attractions to explore, so, don’t miss this great place.

10- Cruising the Mediterranean

There are a lot of fascinating views on the coastline of the Mediterranean. The combination of blue sea and green forests and mountains with small white sand beaches adding more tranquility to peace to the tourists sailing on yachts nearby. One of the best trips that we recommend is the, “Blue Cruise” which sails from the wonderful city of Fethiye.

11- Pergamum

This city was a major center of culture during the Greek and Roman times, therefore one of the most important libraries in the ancient world can be found here. There are other landmarks like temples of Greek mythology gods, a theatre and the alter of Pergamon.

12- Ölüdeniz

Which means the Dead Sea due to its calm turquoise-blue water where the most famous beach in Turkey. It Is located in on of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, Fethiye. you can enjoy the activity of paragliding from the Mount Baghdad there and see the unique panoramic view unlike anything you have ever seen.

13- Antalya

This city has been drawing tourists from all over Europe to spend their summer holiday in its luxurious hotels and spas. The beaches are literary so amazing for sun bathing during the day and DJ parties at night. If you want to get more, you can check the old town and visit the cobblestone alleyways and the city museum.

14- Safranbolu

The best place to visit if you like to examine the Ottoman towns architect and stroll the narrow streets and enjoy the traditional Ottoman cuisine. There are many historical buildings to explore or even you can stay at night because some of them were turned into hotels.

15- Patara

Founded by Patarus, son of Apollo, it is a great place if you like quite beaches which stretch so long on the Mediterranean and behind those beaches are the remnant of the Bronze Age sites. There are various attractions including a Roman age theater, temple of Apollo and a colonnaded street.

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